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Natural Pet Products


Natural Pet Products

Natural Pet Products is a company dedicated to the well-being and health of pets around the world. We have been making our quality products for over 30 years. We source the finest natural ingredients and make our pet care products in the USA.

"We stand behind our Natural Pet Products with a
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 Proudly taking care of your fur babies one by one since 1985

About Us

Our Natural Pet Products Journey...

In 1984 is when our natural pet product journey began.

In 1984 we were battling a flea infestation and not knowing or realizing the affects or dangers of the toxic flea and tick products on the market at this time.

Unfortunately, we decided to use a product called Adams flea spray, which is still on the market and we still regret using it to this day.

After one or two applications of this product we came home one morning after church, and found both of our two beloved shelties dead in our back yard simultaneously the same day.

We were overwhelmed and heartbroken and putting blame on ourselves for what we had done.

Our pets are family and it was like losing two of our kids.

From this day, forward is when we decided to never use any toxic poisonous products on our pets ever again and this is when our Natural Pet Product journey began for our family.

So for the next two years, we started our R&D going to the library reading, hundreds of books and hours of legwork to educating ourselves.

The only option the vets had back then was a big garlic horse pill.

So, in our research we found that garlic had many benefits, not only for fleas, but also for health as well.

The more we dug into the archives of how our ancestors kept themselves and their livestock healthy and parasite, free we found a recipe in our archives that has been used for centuries. We went to work my dad, Mike Ashmore, being a chemical engineer, and my mother Clara as his sidekick started cooking our pets food with this recipe in our own kitchen after a year of using this recipe on our own pets, we noticed them healthier and parasite free,when we seen how good the product was working on our own pets, we started giving free samples out to all our friends with positive results. Which is now known to this day as Flea Free Food Supplement. It was a long journey to get where we are today. We started selling our products in little 8 ounce bottles at flea markets, and a few small local farm and feed stores. Shortly after we started designing other natural pet products, insect sprays, shampoos, and yard sprays etc. Now we are selling and saving pets all over the world simply from word-of-mouth. We have saved thousands of animals through the years,and for years to come. Our goals, are to give you, your beloved pets and our environment, a longer happier, healthier and natural, parasite free life. All of you are a big part of our journey and it wouldn’t be possible without each and everyone of you and your pets. You are all a part of our Natural Pet Products family and we are grateful for all your support and spreading the word and keeping our pets and environment safe and healthy.

Thank you


    Flea Free Food Supplement is the natural alternative for protecting your animals from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, flies, and internal parasites – with 200 vitamins keeping your animals healthy and bug free year round. The ingredients in this product have known health benefits for your animal’s skin, coat, and digestive system. The natural ingredients support the body in its fight against arthritis, yeast, eye and ear infection and more. This all-in-one product is also a great heart worm preventative. And protection against pesky, biting insects is a super bonus!
Flea Free Food Supplement is affordable and easy to use. Just add a small amount to your animal’s water or food every day. Simply follow the easy instructions on the label. With Flea Free, there is no longer a need for harsh toxins or chemicals. Help your pets stay happy and healthy – the NATURAL PET PRODUCTS way.

Contact our customer service for any questions you may have about our all natural alternatives.

For dealers or distributor information, please contact us by email or set up an appointment with us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Healthy pet food.....Everyday.

 * 100% Guarantee..

“We know you'll love our products as much as we do. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied,  just return your unused product within 30 days from purchase date and we'll issue a full refund.”