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   Natural Pet Products offers these wonderful opportunities for being a wholesaler, dealer or distributors for retail stores or e-commerce websites and stores.
We have a whole line of natural products for you, your pets and our environment.
Our repeat business is phenomenal for our whole line of products. These products aren’t only profitable to you but also your customers.

   Flea Free and Fly Free food supplement is very popular with our pet owners these product replaces the harsh flea, tick, and heartworm medications.
Flea free and Fly Free are the exact same product fly free, being more, concentrated, and designed for people that have big animals, farmers, rescue groups, breeders etc.
These products are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids and are formulated to enhance your pets immune system for year-round health maintenance with many health benefits. Allergies, digestive system, Yeast, eye and ear infections, arthritis etc.
Also with the benefits of safeguarding them from fleas ticks, mosquitoes, mites, flies, and internal parasites. Even safe for pregnant females.

   Natures Way insect spray is packed with vitamins and essential oils.
This product is also very popular with our customers.
It’s 100% natural and safe for the consumer, as well as their kids and pets. It also works great for for inside your house or external use.
It is designed to safeguard, and keeps their pets safe from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, chiggers, noseeums, flies, etc.

   Pet scents herbal shampoo
Our shampoo is packed with vitamins and essential oils, safe for the consumer, and their pets, very popular with groomers
or for every day use giving your pet a luxury’s coat and the essential oils for your pets skin to thrive with a fabulous scent.

   Bugway yard and garden spray is also very popular being that it’s eco-friendly and safe to use around our pets and family.
It’s also designed with essential oils and other natural ingredients to protect your property from parasites.
Safeguarding your property, plants and garden from mosquitoes, fleas, Ticks, noseeums, ants, spiders, and other plant eating insects as well while putting a force field around your property.

   Boric acid and DE
We also carry these wonderful products as well. These are great for major infestations of flea, roaches, silverfish tick and can be used inside or out.

   Opportunities and how you get started on your natural journey and become a part of our Natural Pet Products family. Become a part of our family today, and let’s do our part to give our pets and our environment a longer happier, healthier, and natural life.

   To become a dropship is very easy. You must have your own website or e-commerce store or be willing to build one. There is no minimum cost to become a drop shipper, work your own hours at home and you will start as a wholesaler and work your way up to a dealer status depending on your performance.

To become a wholesaler:
You must purchase single cases of any of our products under $400.
And may be eligible for dealer, status, in future depending on your overall sales and performance.

To become a dealer:
Your minimum PO must be $400-$1500 with this package You are a dealer for life once you become a dealer, you are not obligated to a minimum order, but we do recommend re-ordering by the case.

To become a distributor:
This is a minimum PO of $1500 or more and we recommend the buyer to have multiple stores or a lot of revenue coming into the store.

Our custom displays you can purchase for your store, fully equipped with product minimum order $1000.
This is a great bargain.

Amazon or E commerce that offer free shipping it is a $10,000 minimum and must follow our strict Map pricing agreement.

Social media marketing is also included.

To get started, just contact us  

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For any information about these wonderful opportunities and products contact us @
Phone # 352-220-1163

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