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Flea Free Food supplement is 100% natural holistic, and easy to use simply by adding to your pets water or food. Flea Free is a multi purpose supplement that is designed to safeguard your pets from fleas ticks, mosquitoes, and other internal and external parasites.
Flea Free is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, making it a year-round health maintenance, that enhances their immune system. It is excellent for pets with allergies, dermatitis, yeast digestive issues, eye, ear infections, arthritis, and many other illnesses that may be inflicted from parasites or infections. It is also safe and healthy for pregnant and nursing females of all animals, big, small, old, or young.

Flea Free Food Supplement contains no artificial flavors, dies or preservatives. It is affordable and easy to use. SHAKE WELL and add the liquid to your pet’s water or food every day. Follow the simple instructions on the label for correct amounts based on your animals size. 

Flea Free Food Supplement
16 oz. $21.00
32 oz. $37.95 (refillable easy pour bottle)
32 oz. $35.75
64 oz. $55.00
128 oz. $85.25

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Vinegar, Garlic, Citrus, herbs (proprietary blend pet-safe edible herbs).


   This supplement is a concentrated formula of Flea Free food supplement ; having the same results as flea free with a stronger formulation, and only having to use half the recommended dosage. Fly Free is designed to be more economical for pet owners that have multiple or large pets. It is recommended for breeders, rescues, shelters, farmers, zoos, etc.

When used daily, Fly Free deters blood feeding insects from biting and prevents them from laying eggs, thus breaking the reproductive cycle of the female. The female insect must draw blood every 20 to 22 hours or she will die. This includes all blood feeding insects like fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitos, mites, and lice.

SHAKE WELL and follow the instructions on the label for quantities to use depending on the animal and its size. Feel free to call if you need help or have questions.  

Safe & 100% natural

Fly Free Food Supplement
64 oz. $61.50
128 oz. $103.40

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Vinegar, Garlic, Citrus, herbs (proprietary blend pet-safe edible herbs).

Natures way insect spray

Our natural insect spray has a pleasant, earthy aroma, that is an excellent natural resource for extra protection and safe for people, pets, and your surroundings. Excellent for people that enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, dog parks, and other outdoor activities with or without your pets. This extra protection safeguards you and your pets from fleas, ticks, noseeums, mosquitoes,
and many other parasites, leaving you and your pet parasite free.

 Natures Way Insect Spray
4 oz. $13.20
8 oz. $16.25
16 oz. $25.75

Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass, Citronella, Vitamin E

Pet scents herbal shampoo

 Our Pet Scent herbal shampoo is packed with essential oils and vitamins, and leaves your pet with a luxurious coat. It is excellent for dry skin, allergies, and many other skin issues. It also eradicates fleas and lice when pet parent’s pets are dealing with a flea outbreak.

All Natural Pet Shampoo
Made with Organic Ingredients
Fortified with Essential Oils
All-Natural Flea & Pest Control Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Oils w/ Aloe Vera & Coconut Oil
4oz, 8oz, 64oz & 128oz Sizes
For Pet Owners, Breeders, Pet Groomers & Zoos

Ingredients : De-Ionized water, Surfactant Blend (Coconut shampoo base), Purified EMU oil, Almond Oil, Vitamins A,D &E, Glycerin (soothes the skin), Glyceryl Stearate, (emulifies, makes foam & conditions), Papaya Extract, Mango Extract, EGDS (conditioner), EDTA (aids ingredients in blending), DMDH Hydantoin (preservative), Coconut Oil Shampoo, Vegetable Glycerin, Oils of : Orange, Cedarwood, Citronella, Eucalyptus, and Bay.

Pet Scents Herbal Shampoo

4 oz. $12.75
8 oz. $23.00
64 oz. $96.50
128 oz. $121.25

Waterless Fur Foam Shampoo

Our waterless shampoo is excellent for small, pets, cats, and other pets that don’t consider constant bathing it is fortified with essential oils and vitamins, and excellent for your pets, skin and coat leaving no residue after usage.

Waterless Fur Foam Shampoo
9 oz  $19.25

Natures bug away-yard & garden spray

This product is formulated to be safe and eco-friendly, Adding an extra protection for an excellent safe, affordable effective user-friendly, way to border your property and garden in the spring summer and fall from unwanted bugs while at the same time being safe for our pollinators🐝
Keeping our lakes, streams waterways and environment, healthy and safe from harmful insecticides or pesticides.
Works excellent for screened lanais, dog kennels, family functions, camping, dog shows, parks, farms, apartment complexes etc.

Natures Bug Away - Yard & Garden Spray
16 0z. $21.25
32 oz. $36.75
64 oz. $54.50
128 oz. $75.50

Fleas's Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment

This product is a pure granule boric acid. Safe, affordable, and user-friendly, that works excellent in the home and yard to defend from fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, and other pests. It works best in throw rugs, carpet, furniture, bedding, etc.
Also, excellent, for indoor or outdoor renovation for your home or barn.

Fleas's Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment

1 lb. $19.25
3 lb. $39.50

Natures Natural Way Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

DE or diatomaceous earth is affordable, semi odorless, and tasteless that is fossilized remains, and 100% organic.
Food grade DE has many functions, It’s excellent for inside and outside use for maintaining many different parasites. DE is also food grade, making it safe for humans, pets, livestock, gardens, and eco-friendly for the environment. DE also has many health benefits, one being a detox. It is amazing for most internal parasites that animals or humans may encounter. DE is excellent for the digestive system, and for maintaining a healthy gut.

Natures Natural Way Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
16 0z. $12.00
48 oz. $25.00

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These products WORK - and they’re healthy for your pets!!!
Don’t give t”up - no matter how long it takes!!! I was tired, frustrated, feeling overwhelmed in my flea battle (I have 2 dogs, 2 inside cats/2 outside cats) - - then, it kicked in …
I haven’t had one flea jump on my ankles (😬), haven’t had to wash my dog nightly - & I even 4got to order in time & have run out, but still, as we wait for the order to arrive, no fleas!!!
NEVER GIVE UP!! And never sacrifice your pet’s well-being or possibly its LIFE to make your life easier -
It definitely pays off to do the work (when you are overrun by then like we were
We have become a “fast-food” society, wanting things to be immediate & easy -
I’m here to tell you, it’s worth it and SO REWARDING to have given your pets the safety & love they deserve!!!
Seriously thinking about becoming a distributor of these WONDERFUL PRODUCTS!!
Call Chris Ashmore or someone at Natural Pet Products - you won’t regret it!!!
Chris Ashmore thanks and trust me she will be on flea free
Ulysses our first CEO lived to be 15 thanks to Flea Free, hopefully Lucy/Lucylle will live to be even older since she’ll get Flea Free since puppyhood 
I mix Flea Free in my 5 dogs, 10 cats & 51 chickens water every day. It works great for my crew. No more fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, flies, internal parasites. It’s all natural.
Finn McCool loves his Flea Free that he gets with his dinner every night!
I want to talk to you about Flea Free pet supplements. The stuff smells like garlic sausage. Dogs and cats love it. It repeals mosquitoes, bitting flies, tics, fleas and I wouldn't doubt it repeals a lot more things. It's safe for your pets, all natural. I feel it cost lest than order flea and tic meds from the vet or a company, then having to force your pet to take it. It comes in a liquid form. You put a Lil (it will tell you how much to use) in their drinking water and your pet will love it. With it being as hot as it has been your pets need to drink a lot of water. This stuff is great. So do your pet and yourself a favor buy some flea free pet supplements. You will be so happy you did.
Naji has been on Fly Free for 3 months. Took a stool sample to the vet yesterday just for a check…not 1 parasite! So grateful for Fly Free 
We LOVE Flea Free not only for the bugs but for GI health!!! He has been so healthy since being on this and finally a spring and summer he isn’t itching and biting himself!
Chris Ashmore your products are awesome
Chris Ashmore - oh, I am!!!
31 days, our infestation was so bad … I was beginning to doubt - then, it just happened!! One day, fleas so bad - they next day, no more fleas - - and still, even though with this spider bite which has really knocked me off my feet, unable to do even 1/10th of what I was doing - still no fleas!!!
I’m sold on this!!!!
Reminds me of a saying my dad used to repeat from AA - “It works if you work it!”
Same with this - follow every instruction & STICK WITH IT - don’t give up!!! - and you WILL see results, even if you reach a point where it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work … it will!!!
And just think of all the benefits compared to chemicals, which destroy their liver & kidneys!!
I have been a holistic vet for 20 years and fully endorse this amazing homemade tried and true recipe for improved digestion and added benefit of balancing gut health and changing animal blood chemistry to repel fleas and other parasitic imbalances. This is a great first step to a healthy supplementation and goes hand in hand with improving diet and nutrition and being proactive for health and vibrancy for our believes pets. I have been recommending it for years and used it in several formulations as well.
Dr Tamara Hebbler.
Healing Hope Wellness Clinic. 
Get in contact with Chris Ashmore. He sells Flea Free. I use it. It’s an additive for your pups drinking water. Theres no taste, there’s been no stomach upset and best of all no fleas!!!
I have a schit zui. He prefers to stay outside.. He will let me know when his water needs refreshing outside. He also will let me know when someone has forgotten to put his flea free treatment in his water. He is in love with the stuff and for good reason. Chouji is 14 years old and is hard of hearing and is going blind, but he still shows love and has energy to get around. Thank You Chris Ashmore for making Chouji's last years good ones with your products
This is my 15 yr old Schit Zui (Chouji). He has been suffering with insect bits and fleas. I started him on Flea Free Supplement. I put a Lil in his drinking water. He loves the taste of it and he drinks more water now. He can now do the things he loves to do the most. He rest, naps and sleeps without scratching all the time. Thank you Chris Ashmore for making this old baby happy again.
FLEAS..TICKS..MOSQUITOES...people always ask what natural products we use here as we use no pesticides....we use a product on top of dogs food Flea Free I buy from Chris Ashmore is not just for deters mosquitoes ticks and fleas...I live in tick infested woods and I have found only one tick on my dogs....we also spray our yard with wondercide and have the dog spray and we use food grade diamataceous earth in our yard....we use apple cider vinegar and half water too in spray bottle and spray our dogs...we test our dogs due to climate we reside in twice a year instead of once a year....we have never had a heartworm positive dog. If you live in Southern states I'd follow Karen Becker Holistic vets advice on her page she has every state mapped out for heartworm incidences..mosquitoe life etc. You can contact Chris he is great at helping and will send samples of products to try.